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We help companies to communicate their progress in sustainability

At Duomo Comunicación we work with companies to communicate their strategies, commitments and achievements at the environmental, social and governance (ESG) level to their stakeholders

Companies are increasingly aware of their impact on society and the environment. It all began in 1987, with the Brundtland report prepared for the UN, which analyzed the impact of economic development on sustainability, with the understanding that current development should not compromise the needs of future generations.

In addition, banks, funds and investors demand that the companies they finance be committed to sustainable development.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the design of communication strategies, and we are involved with IBEX companies and SMEs in the drafting of Sustainability Reports.

We help companies to communicate their progress in this area through the media and social networks. In addition, we know how to communicate the company's achievements in sustainability through documentation adapted to different audiences (fact sheets, executive reports, among others).

"If we fail to get our message of urgency across to today's parents and decision-markers, we risk undermining our children's fundamental right to a healthy environment conductive to life"

Brundtland Report (1987)